Q: Will there be any damage or mess to my house after installing the pot lights?
How do you pass the wire through closed ceiling without damaging the ceiling?

A: No. Our company policy is to finish the job without any damage or mess behind for the customer to clean. We cover everything floors, walls and furniture with plastic sheets and tarps before drilling and we clean up and remove the covers after the installation. This is our profession! We make holes for pot lights first and drill through the joists from these holes.

Q: Are you guys licensed and insured?

A: Yes. our contractors are ESA certified. we have $5,000,000 liability insurance and our employees are covered by WSIB.

Q: How long does it take to install pot lights?

A: This depends if you are installing indoor or outdoor pot lights. we can install about 50-70 pot lights in a day depending on location and structure of your house. usually where is a bathroom or washroom above where pot lights are being installed it takes a bit longer since more caution is required.

Q: What type of pot light do you use?

A: Pot lights and LED bulbs are a fast-changing market. Quality Potlight is constantly improving the quality of service and material it provides to the customers. We use a wide range of pot lights and LED bulbs. To name a few Liteline, Pro line GL, JCO, Luminiz, Philips and more. All our products are premium quality and they are backed up with our two year warranty package.

Q: How do I know how many pot light I need in my house?

A: This is a question we are being asked everyday. This really depends on the design and your personal preference. We always provide you with our FREE estimate which includes design ideas and numbers of pot light and samples where you can decide on how many pot lights you want in each area. The best way of getting some idea about this, is to check out the pictures on our Gallery section. Standard distance from each wall for pot lights installed in a room range between 13-20 inches. distance between two pot lights can be anywhere between 3.5 – 4.5 feet in a straight line going against joists. of course this is standard and you can put them closer or further apart from each other depending on the design of your home.

Q: What color LED light should I pick? what colors do you offer?

A: LED lights range anywhere between 2500-6500. 2500-3000 is called Warm White. This would be the traditional halogen light. Neutral white is anywhere between 3500-4500. This is also know as day light. Anything above 5000 is known as Cool white which has a little Blue tone in it. again choosing the color is totally up to the customer. We recommend Warm White or a mix of Neutral White and Day Light for indoor and all three for outdoor lights(depending on the exterior color of the building) Please refer to the picture:

Q: Can I use a dimmer for LED pot lights?

A: Absolutely! all of our indoor bulbs are dimmable. meaning you can use an LED dimmer to dim the lights. Our outdoor bulbs are also dimmable. However you have to make sure to use the right dimmer (LED dimmer is installed correctly or else the warranty on the bulb is voided. We offer a wide variety of dimmers suitable for the bulbs you use. Please ask the technician for more information.