The savings are immediate and ROI is generally 1 to 3 years

With the recent introduction of commercially viable LED bulbs and fixtures, businesses can expect unprecedented savings in their energy costs for lighting.

An LED for every need

Today, there is a large selection of LED bulbs, fixtures and arrays for many types of installations. So there is no reason to wait. The savings are immediate, the paybacks are generally between one and three years, and in many cases, the quality of the lighting is noticeably improved.

LEDs reduce your maintenance costs too

Since LEDs typically last four to nine times longer than other lighting sources, you don’t have to change them as often. That’s especially important in outdoor or high-bay areas where cranes or lifts are required to reach the fixtures.

Compare the bulbs, take advantage of the savings

In addition to their reduced energy requirements, LEDs offer these advantages:

  • Their compact size makes LEDs more versatile
  • Low heat dissipation means lighting can often be closer to the object being lit, and also reduces overall air conditioning requirements
  • LED lighting is “immediately on” and starts at full brightness

  • LED lights are fully dimmable
  • LED lighting is ideal for outdoors and performs well in both heat and cold
  • A selection of vivid colours are available
  • As an added safety factor, LEDs operate at low voltage

Don’t overlook these opportunities

Because of their long life, LEDs should first be considered in areas where lighting is required for substantial periods of time.

These can include:

  • “Always on” locations such as lobbies, hallways, stairs, exit signs
  • Parking lots and other outdoor lighting
  • Commercial signage

Because of their low-heat output and small size, LEDs should be candidates for:

  • Freezer cases, fruit and vegetable displays
  • Retail display cases
  • Restaurants and entertainment facilities

Light up savings underground

Parking garages are often overlooked areas for lighting savings. There are three distinct reasons to review your garage lighting now:

A lighting retrofit generally produces energy savings of 20 to 60 per cent.

You’ll get an increase in light levels which ensures you meet the new building code requirements.

Your tenants will notice the immediate improvement.

Typical garage lighting paybacks

Savings will vary considerably depending of the size of the garage and the current lighting. However, incentive applications have typically had paybacks on installations between one to four years, with an average of 2.3 years.

Typical lighting types for garages

For general overhead lighting, T-8 fluorescent lamps are the most cost effective, providing improved levels of lighting at a savings over T-12s.

For hard-to-reach installations, exit signs and general lighting where specialty fixtures are required, consider LEDs. Their efficiency, long life and compact size make them a good choice.

Source: Toronto Hydro

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